Monday, January 24, 2005

Surprise Surprise

According to TMJ radio, federal charges will not be brought against the
thugs who slashed the GOP get out the vote tires. No compelling federal
implication? How about trying to change the outcome of a presidential
race through political terrorism? This paves the way nicely for McCann
to plea the charges down to seat belt violations and a ten dollar fine.
Forget my two month previous prediction, expect a plea in the coming

In another "surprise" Paul Bucker will be announcing his AG candidacy
tomorrow. I'll have more thoughts on that later, after he makes a
statement. Personally, I dislike him for mistakes he made that
seriously affected an old friend of mine, but professionally, I think he
would make a great state AG, and I would love to see him and McCann
change places, so that underage drinkers in Waukesha aren't treated
harsher than political terrorists in Milwaukee.