Monday, January 24, 2005

Operation Elephant Takeover?

Sheer brilliance must just run in the Pratt family. While it looks for the time being that the fools involved in slashing tires on election morning will only be charged with a local felony, the name of their idiotic scheme has been released, but not much more. E. Michael (in between praising himself for being a fantastic lawyer) announced charges for five men involved, yes the Moore boy (Shaka Kan Sunshine, Supreme Solar, who can keep this guys name straight?) and Pratt's genius offspring were both charged. I'll link the story when it becomes available on the Urinal. Until then I am going to ponder what Operation Elephant Takeover could mean if not federal election tampering, and how the renowned Mr McCann interpreted this title.

In the meantime, someone has to start a "how long til this gets pleaded away" poll. My guess is within two months.

on edit: here is the link for the Urinal Sentinel article, no link for the criminal complaint yet

here is the criminal complaint: