Monday, January 24, 2005

Scott Walker's Announcement

In about an hour Scott Walker, Republican rising start from Milwaukee,
will announce his bid for the governor of Wisconsin. Looking at Doyle's
approval numbers the prospects look pretty good. It will probably be a
bit of a difficult Republican primary, hopefully Mr. Green will cede to
the man who can show well in Milwaukee, but I doubt it. I honestly
think either would be good, as all we really need in office is someone
who won't veto every bill that is passed by the people's
representatives, but I think Mr. Walker represents the best hope. I
also feel that Governor will not be the last stop for Mr. Walker (should
he win) and that governor of Wisconsin is not his ultimate goal. For
that reason, I think it would be intelligent for Mr. Green to perhaps
run against Kohl for a senate seat, or wait to fulfill his aspirations
at a later date. It is my hope that once a clear favorite emerges in
the race for the Republican nominee, the other contenders will bow out
gracefully and do everything in their power to deliver their strongholds
to the eventual candidate.