Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Walker's letter to Charlie Syke's

Well, Scott Walker is definitely getting out of the gates quick. He has sent out multiple mass email's in the past few days in addition to doing an interview with Charlie on Monday. Now, he is commenting on some of Governor Doyle's recent policies in an email to Mr. Sykes, which he posts on his blog, Sykes Writes.

Wow. Governor Jim Doyle really did a number on school choice parents in
Milwaukee. After weeks of leading them on that he was willing to compromise on a
bill to give some relief for families with kids in choice schools, Doyle went
back to siding with the liberal special interests in Madison.How ironic that
Doyle is suddenly worried about property taxpayers since his last state budget
cut the amount of state aid to schools from 66.7% to 63.6%. Not surprisingly,
the school property tax levies in the state went up by more 7% for 2005. The
reason is simple: Doyle's budget cut the percentage of school aid from the state
and Doyle's vetoes allowed those school districts to make up the lose of state
aid through higher property tax bills.
In addiditon, it looks like voter ID cards will be one of "cause celebre" for Wisconsin.