Monday, January 24, 2005

Scott Walker on Sykes

- first interview of gubernatorial campaign
- ripping Doyle's state of the state (out of touch theme obviously
going to be main focus)
- Says Doyle has been "shaking down special interests" in his bid
to raise more money than Thompson ever did
- Apparently spoke with Tommy before making his decision, hoping
for his endorsement
- Primary discussion Walker claims advantage based on Milwaukee
(55% and 58% in two elections) and strong TABOR stance (Milwaukee
- Other Issues: Doyle out of step with WI values, touched on
defense of marriage, "out of touch Madison liberal" (I like that a lot!)
- Issue of conflicting with his current position: "my success as a
candidate depends on my ability to perform here in Milwaukee"
- Horrific by product of his win: County Executive Lee