Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Feingold/Kohl vote against Gonzales

In a rare move, Feingold bowed to party politics. I personally think he
is basically a worthless Senator whose only legislative accomplishment
is a complete and utter failure (finance reform) but at least he is
usually a fairly independent thinker. He has a history of acquiescing
to cabinet choices and even voted for (GASP!!) John Ashcroft. However,
in what looks to be a page out of Evan Bayh's book from earlier today,
Sen Feingold voted against Mr. Gonzales citing his role in terror
torture. Is this yet another leftist kicking off his campaign by
kicking a Bush nomination (Kerry against Condi, Bayh against Condi,
Boxer against the world...)?

Both Feingold and Kohl cited Gonzales' role, as White
House counsel, in concluding the Geneva Convention protections for
prisoners of war did not apply to terror suspects, and in requesting a
memo arguing for a narrow definition of torture as "excruciating and
agonizing pain.