Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Teddy Kennedy's Remarks on Dr. Rice

Here we go, now this gets interesting:

-Plans on opposing Rice's nomination...big friggin surprise.
-Calls Iraq War catastrophic failure, and a continuing quaqmire!! (What
a prick, "hey troops, you suck...where's my bourbon?")
-Say's "Dr. Rice and others withheld information"
-"America is in deep trouble in Iraq today, and the quagmire is very
-"war has not made America safer...Iraq is a breeding ground...America
more hated, less secure"

You get the idea, Kennedy is pissed because his lap dog Kerry didn't win
the election.

-Kennedy now railing against terror. Talking about water boarding,
that's a touchy subject Teddy. In water boarding, there is only the
threat of drowning, I am sure that hooker you sent to the bottom of the
creek in you drunk driving accident would have loved it if you were just
"water boarding" her, instead of leaving her to die.
-"unqualified, wrong...I urge the senate to oppose her nomination"


In summary:
Pretending to drown someone to get information to save American lives...BAD. Leaving a hooker to drown to save your own political life...GOOD. Thanks for the lesson Teddy.