Wednesday, January 26, 2005

The President meets the Press

In his first major press conference since inauguration President spoke
again to broad goals. I missed the first part of it, listening to the
senate debate. (McCain actually acted like a Republican for once,
claiming this was all about lefty sour grapes...about time Mr. McCain).

As to the pres conference, President Bush seems a little ill-prepared
and somewhat short-tempered. I missed his response to taking up the
tax-code reform (an issue second only to SS reform in my mind)...damn
you co-workers!

Social security: will not raise payroll tax. Won't talk about
specifics (that is very disappointing...I was really hoping he would lay
out some serious proposals in this press conference but it looks like
they still haven't worked up a sellable package).

Troop withdrawal: "we'll leave when the mission is done." Honestly,
what the heck don't these people get about this?
Paying reporters: Bad, Williams and Dept. of Education made mistakes,
White House didn't know about it
Economy: growing jobs, forecasts strong. President says he wants legal
reform and a "good energy bill"
Kennedy criticisms: sort of rendered speechless, seems like he wants to
tear into Kennedy but he's not mentioning him or referenced him at all
(knock the fat man down President!). President Bush just continues to
hammer the importance of the Iraqi vote...caught his stride "Firmly
planted the flag of liberty for all to see" (we are with you)
Immigration reform: against amnesty (damn well better be); reform to
make it easier to control the borders (ID cards for border
that what we're talking about here?) "family values do not stop at the
Rio Grande" (schlock, pure schlock).
Dr Rice/AG A.G.: total dodge, "99 senators other than that person
[Boxer] and I look forward to working with them"

Quick close, and poof, he's gone...

Well, nothing new really, I am personally disappointed. Hopefully in
his speech later today he'll give some SS reform specifics.

C-Span will be replaying the press conference later in prime time if you
want to catch it yourself.

Anyway, back to the Senate...oh and work

ESK via email (sent 9:50 am)