Monday, January 24, 2005

Lower Taxes, Higher Standards

The campaign slogan for Walker's gubernatorial campaign. Not bad, I sort of like the W for Wisconsin header I saw on his campaign website ( check it out for his open letter confirming reports over the weekend about his hat being officially thrown in the ring. Hopefully, he hammers on two points he made in that letter in the coming 21 (!) months.
Earlier this month, at his State of the State address, Doyle made matters
worse. Not only did he not support the Tax Freeze, he attacked it. Then, to add
insult to injury, he proposed to repeal the QEO – a compensation formula which
has helped to control school property tax levies since 1993. Jim Doyle’s plans
will raise property taxes while doing nothing to improve education.
At that
point, the night of that speech, it became crystal clear to me: we need a
change. And in the weeks since, it’s become clear that I can help bring about
that change. Just as I did in 2002 in my corner of the state, I see the public
upset and looking for new leadership. (