Thursday, January 27, 2005

Social Security Choice blog

The Club for Growth has a fantastic new blog
( about the #1 domestic issue
facing young American's today. If you haven't checked out the SS link
posted earlier, make sure to do so to see how much of your FICA tax you
can hope to get back. It also gives an average indication of what you
will pay into this Great Society scam.

The Club for Growth site has a veritable who's who of prominent thinkers
on the issue and is probably the best (along with the Heritage
Foundation) advocate for Social Security reform. I think the best
aspect of this reform is only being touched on lightly, but increasingly
the talking points from the right are beginning to focus on this;
ownership. It isn't so much that you can decide where to divert your
FICA dollars for retirement planning, it is that when you die, YOU get
to decide where the accrued assets go. This is a way to leave a
financial legacy upon which your children and other beneficiaries can
begin to build. Social security personalization will provide every
American the opportunity to leave a nest egg for their children. Even
those people who toil in the lower to middle class for their entire
lives will be able to leave something for their children if they so
choose, so that their children really can make a better life for
themselves, and get a tremendous leg up in the process.

It seems to me that if the ideal of the American dream is that each and
every generation has it better than those who came before them, allowing
Americans to control a large part of their assets, while still
maintaining a safety net for those who need it, is an important step
towards reaching that goal. I sincerely hope that President Bush is
prepared for an incredible fight from leftists who want to remain in
control of our money, and that he sticks it out at any political cost.
If this can be done in the next four years in a way that cannot be
undone, President Bush will have solidified a legacy as impressive as
that of any President before him. Working class citizens will be able
to tell their children that because of President Bush and his bold
initiatives, they will be starting life with a modicum of economic
freedom that can be built upon from generation to generation.