Friday, March 11, 2005

Close one...

For those of you who care, Bucky squeaked out a victory, 5-4 despite Bruckler's Eddie Cicotte impersonation (ok, I'm sure he wasn't trying to throw it, but sheesh). I haven't seen the game, I listened to it on 1310, but damn did Bernd sound weak. A hundred footer rolling through the 5 hole got him yanked. Elliott performed in his stead and the Badgers were able to fight back and win. I am staying in tonight to watch the replay at 1:30 onb MPTV Channel 551.

UConn is in the process of trying to scrape back from a 21 point deficit with 12 minutes left. They have it down to 12 as we speak. Why must the things I care about torture me so??

At least I am better off than these schmucks. There is nothing more foolish than these iPod devotees. My sisters are members. It is expensive for what it offers, a sleek quality mp3 jukebox with relatively poor battery life. Personally, I decided on a Dell DJ 20 gig. It was about the price of an iPod mini with amazing battery life and a much less slick package. I don't care what it looks like, I want it to play songs. I also don't think about it 24 hours a day, give it a name, or pay hundreds of dollars for absurd accessories. For you older folks, were you like this with the first Walkman's? Did you guys name those gigantic boomboxes you carried on your shoulders?

My tech porn comes in phone form. My killer Nokia 6230 is an amazing phone with built in FM radio, 1gb of memory, built in mp3, high quality camera and did I mention the 4 minutes of video record? Did I mention it is incredibly tiny and light? Smaller than a mini by faaar.

HOLY HOLY HOLY!!!!!!!!!!!!! UConn just hit a three, we're back to within 6!!