Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Worst...Chant...Ever...the sad plight of Xun (George) Wang

"Ain’t no university without the student body. We tried to do it nice, now we’re getting rowdy."

Parkside Protestors

About 100 students and faculty from the University of Wisconsin-Parkside marched
through the school’s halls today protesting in support of a sociology
associate rofessor who Chancellor John Keating has recommended be
dismissed.Keating wants to fire Xun (George) Wang because Wang refuses to teach
weekend classes. Wang contends he's the only professor who has been forced to
teach weekend courses. Some faculty and students are concerned that the
university’s treatment of Wang is discriminatory. Wang is Asian. He has filed
two discrimination complaints against the school with the Equal Employment
Opportunity Commission since 2002.

Hmmm, thanks for letting us know he's Asian, I was thinking possibly Polish, maybe Nordic? Going to the UW-Parkside web site offers a bit more information. Oh, sorry Ms. Chang (she wrote the piece for the Urinal) I wasn't trying to discriminate against you, it's just that your blurb left some wanting more info.

It seems Mr. Wang is the low professor on the totem pole of the Anthropology/Sociology Department.

I decided I had better check out just how overworked this poor man is, so I checked out the schedule for the upcoming fall term. It seems Mr. Wang is teaching a whopping THREE classes for a rough total of 9.5 hours a week. That's right folks, less than ten hours of class time pre week. The man is teaching 8 credits. I took more than eight credits in a SUMMER once. If he is barely working one full day during the week, and won't work on weekends, when does Mr. Wang intend to earn his pay check? Mr. Wang is teaching two Intro to Soc classes and one Research/Survey Methods class (which seems to me to be a sort of study hall for Soc/Anthro majors.

So umm, what do you do Mr. Wang?

Just for fun, lets get an idea of the Anthro dept's view of the world, lets check out their links shall we?

Uncommon Thought :

This March 19th is the two year "anniversary" of the Bush and Company war of
choice in Iraq. To put it another way, it's the anniversary of the unleashing of
war in "perpetuity" or, as Gore Vidal aptly named it, "Perpetual War for
Perpetual Peace." For six months prior to the invasion of Iraq, and subsequent
occupation, if not longer, George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Condi Rice, Donald
Rumsfeld, et al, conducted a "marketing campaign" to sell their "product" with
all the fervor of a corporation introducing a "new" product or brand

Eszter's Blog:
Wow, this is an intelligent, left-of-center blog. I'm shocked.

A whole bunch of leftist drivel, including some (shocking!) defense of Ward Churchill.

Anyway, from here it looks like some leftist Soc professors are trying to boot someone for being lazy. If only he hated America and praised the terrorists, these nutters would go to the mat for him.

Get in touch with Mr. Wang, let him know if you have a 9 hour a week job with full benefits that needs a socialist...sorry, sociologist.