Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Something shakin on Shake Down Street...

Jeff Wagner is doing a segment on this story right now. I read it this morning and was floored. Basically, black newspapers are calling for a boycott of Kohl's because Kohl's won't advertise in their papers. This plot was hatched by the ad agency that represents these black owned papers. It seems this shake down technique has worked on Home Depot and T-Mobile.

Kohl's is the target of a boycott orchestrated by Kimber, Kimber &
Associates, a Fresno, Calif., advocacy advertising agency that represents 250
black-owned newspapers across the country.
The purported offense: Kohl's practice of excluding black newspapers from its print media buys. The Menomonee Falls-based retail chain channels its print advertising buys mostly to mainstream media that enable it to reach the largest audiences.

Could it be possible that Kohl's doesn't think these papers reach their target audience? Could it also be possible that Kohl's is trying to reach a different market? Perhaps Kohl's doesn't think it appeals to those in the African-American community enough to waste their ad dollars(I've been to a few Kohl's department stores, the closest I can think of are in white).

I have a few other stores I believe the African American community should boycott since I am willing to bet they don't advertise in the black newspapers; Hockey Haven and Abercrombie come to mind.