Wednesday, March 09, 2005, is it parody...if not still funny!

I saw, a video production by leftists for leftists, through of all places. I am not quite sure why they linked it, I'm not aware of Dan Rather being a contributing editor to the site.

Anyway, I watched it and I am convinced it was produced by the Onion. It was basically a complete parody of the leftist party. In the first few minutes they accuse President Bush of having sex with gay prostitutes and compare Bush to Hitler (incredibly surprising!).

The most surprising part of this whole video is that they "out" Rock The Vote. One of the talking heads (Justin Paschal) is a representative of MTV's Rock the Vote. It has obviously always been a left wing organization, but this video provides AV evidence of that fact. Next time ('06?) they gear up their partisan machine, it will be impossible for them to deny their political affiliation.

This is supposedly going to be a weekly, for profit show but curiously it was lacking in advertising. How they plan to make a profit I am not sure. Anyway, either this is incredibly funny parody or a fantastically telling insight into the radical direction some leftists want the party to go.

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