Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Partisan hack writes about a partisan hack

Tim Cuprisin writes a little piece trying to justify Dan Rather's career. He briefly mentions Memogate, which he dismisses as a "blunder" before listing six stories that he feels will overshadow the partisan hatchet jobs that riddle Dans career. He also tries to deflect blame from Rather, since obviously Dan had nooooo power at CBS.

Rather didn't report the story. He was its face and voice, reading a script
others had prepared. In modern television, that face and voice has the clout -
even if the legwork is done by others.

Surprisingly, when Cuprisin mentions Vietnam, he doesn't mention the completely false story Rather did in 1988 about atrocities commited by veterans that did much to damage and defame thousands of men and women who served their country bravely. Hmm, sounds a lot like Kerry that way.