Sunday, January 30, 2005

Mam, you are too stupid for words

This letter appeared in today's Urinal Sentinel.

Commercials could be eliminated from networks
The Jan. 23 "Parade"
magazine contained the article by Norman Mailer that was interesting and
challenging. ("Our young people are America's future: Why do we make it so hard
for them to learn?"). I agree with Mailer that numerous commercials on
children's TV programs detract from their learning. I disagree that consumers
should pay for TV they want to see. Many people only receive network TV and PBS.
This would not help the poor.

My idea is to have the
very wealthy subsidize network TV, as they do with public broadcasting.
our president proclaims "Christian values," that should remind all Christians
and others of goodwill that the Bible calls for people to aid the poor in many
texts, in the Old Testament as well as the New Testament.
Catholic Charities
has researched and found that the combined assets of the world's three richest
people are greater than the combined gross domestic product of the world's 48
least-developed countries. It is quite obvious that rich people could eliminate
commercials on networks - ABC, NBC or CBS - quite easily as they do for PBS.
Problem solved!

Marie J. Davis


alright, Marie believes that rich people should pay so that she isn't inconvenienced by commercials on television? If this isn't a joke it is the most ridiculous thing I have ever read. You know what most inconveniences me, having to cook my own food. I think if I didn't have to cook I would have much more time, and be much healthier thus giving me the opportunity to perhaps help children learn? Marie seems to think that somehow taking commercials off of TV would lead to her kids being more intelligent. I honestly cannot even begin to fathom where this type of mentality comes from it is so utterly stupid. How did this moronic bit of drivel get printed in the paper? I can only think that Ricardo Pimentel and his cohorts at the Urinal thought Marie deserved to be made a fool of for writing this letter in, so they printed it so she could be taunted mercilessly by those who know her.

Marie J. Davis, if I had a weekly award for leftist lunacy, I do believe your bit of socialist schlock would take it in a landslide.