Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Badger Football recruiting verdict = tragically mediocre

Lame. They made zero imporvements today (signing day for those uninformed). Their prize is probably Travis Beckum, Oak Creek homegrown monster (6-5 220) linebacker.

The Urinal has an article, but it doesn't take into account today's signings, but here is what i've been able to gather...Alvarez sat in his palace and did nothing today. Dion Foster (5'8'' 190 4.4 40yd) commited awhile ago, ESPN has him listed as the 22nd tailback in the country. Other than that it looks fairly uneventful, has UW ranked 6th in the Big Ten and 31st overall (tells how good a year the conference had). Right now it looks like they missed out on McDermott (QB Alvarez liked) and a CB named Derrick Smith.

I think it may be time to ask the recruiting guru (Czar Barry) where the heck he has been the last few years.