Wednesday, February 02, 2005

If you wanna be a Badger...

Allright, who isn't excited for this weekend? If you don't know, then you just don't know. Badgers-Gophers, hockey. I know it's a bit premature, but browsing I came across this great nugget about the STRUGGLING gophers!

Gophers' First Line Struggling To Pull Team Out Of Slump
if Minnesota's men's hockey team is to permanently pull itself out of its
January slump, both players said they know their scoring droughts need to end
immediately...That's about all Irmen offered for reasons behind the slump,
however. He said concentrating on the struggles makes it harder for him to end
the drought. "We've had a bad couple weeks, but once you worry about
it, that's when it gets longer," he said. "It's frustrating, but you've got to
work with it."... (

Who doesn't love reading about struggling Gophers.

By the way, Gopher hockey sucks.