Friday, February 04, 2005

A few questions from me for anyone paying attention

First, I got Mozilla's firefox a few weeks ago and love the tabbing and the live bookmarks...simply wonderful. However, I can't seem to get Java to work at all.

Second, can anyone help me jigger the template to put another sidebar on the right of the screen?

Third, is this not the winning team?

Fourth, has anyone ever finished Gravity's Rainbow...I mean honestly, I'm attempting it again tonight (my day off yesterday was your average Wisco twenty-something day off, I drank...a lot) but I know I won't get but a few pages and Slothrop will again become dull.

Fifth, Has anyone ever seen The Great Sinner with Gregory Peck? I loved it, saw it one morning about 6 years ago on AMC...I thought it was a fantastic film, but it isn't available on DVD or VHS (according to

THat's it, that's the list. Thanks in advance for any and all response.