Friday, February 04, 2005

The Great Border Battle!

I can barely sit here at work with all of this excitement. No, I don't really care who wins the Super Bowl, it just reminds me of sitting in the cold and wet when Moss came in and humiliated the Pack at Lambeau, what I care about is the Border War between our beloved Badgers and the hated Gophers. I cannot put this hatred into any real words, it has been ingrained into my skull from the moment I was old enough to understand what was going on. My cousins and I have gotten into countless verbal wars and scuffles with backwoods Gopher fans throughout the years (sitting amongst their student section and calling for the death of Doug Woo was perhaps the fondest memory). This year, despite having a far superior team Bucky got swept in the Cities, so it is time for revenge. I'm not saying anyone should take their skate off and try to cut Briggs, but a little Derksen-esque, skate-over-the-goalies-hand-in-the-crase never hurt anyone..except Dwayne Derksen)

I predict two close games, but with the Badgers coming in riding a six game win streak and the Gophers struggling with some injured defensemen, I am confident of a Badger sweep. The insanity of the sold-out Kohl Center and the outrageous fans (originators of the Sieve chant thank you very much), not to mention the best PP and penalty kill units in the country, the Badgers could easily cruise in both games. I'll be sitting tonight's game out and watching it on FSN, but I will be there tomorrow in all likelihood.

Puck drops at 7 folks, Go Big Red!