Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Driver on Favre: "he's pretty much going to hang 'em up"

I am a little shocked, and very much saddened. I hope Driver is talking out of turn, but he seems like a thoughtful and intelligent guy, so who knows...

Green Bay Packers receiver Donald Driver said in a radio interview this
morning that he believes Packers quarterback Brett Favre will decide to retire
and not play another season in the National Football League.Driver made his
comments on Sirius NFL Radio on "The Opening Drive" show with Dan Reeves and
Chris Moore. Sirius is a satellite pay radio service.Driver, who is in
Jacksonville for a Super Bowl promotion, was asked if Favre will return to play
next season."I don't think so," Driver said. "Everyone has been asking me that
question. He's a real close friend of mine and we've been talking back and
forth, and I think he's pretty much going to hang 'em up. I always told him, if
you're coming back just because of that playoff game, don't show up. But it
you're going to come back to try and win another Super Bowl, we'd love to have

Driver said he thinks Favre has made up his mind and said the Packers'
request to know his intentions before the draft, April 23-24, forced Favre to
decide on retirement. (http://www.jsonline.com/news/daywatch.asp#6097)