Friday, February 04, 2005

I waited til I got home for this one...

Talking at length about his political plans and the future of his party, Sen.
Russ Feingold said he would consider running for president in 2008 if there is
enough encouragement and interest from Democrats and if he thinks he has a real
shot at winning the nomination... Feingold is in the process of setting up what
is known as a leadership PAC, or political action committee, a common vehicle
for potential national candidates to make campaign donations and fund travel...
"It's the person people can relate to, the person that makes them feel
comfortable, seems to be sincere, maybe has some of the straight-type qualities
of McCain," Feingold said.
"That's the kind of person I want to be our
nominee. Whether or not I would ever fit that bill I think is a very open
question," said the senator, although he said, "I hope that's my strength."

Read that last quote again, because it is the single biggest problem faced by leftists like Feingold. "seems to be sincere" Are you kidding me? Russ doesn't want a candidate who actually believes in what he says, he just wants someone who can lie well to America, say nice things while raising taxes and granting huge federal hand outs. What a ridiculous thing to say.

As to Feingold actually running, I so hope he does. It would be twenty times better than Howard Dean running. Dean actually did some decent things in Vermont, but Russ has done nothing. He is to blame for the ridiculous 527's. The only bill with his name on it was an utter failure, let's nominate him for president! The reason I know it would be a boon for the GOP is because the crazies over at democraticundergound are begging for a Feingold nomination. As long as the dems are making the nut fringe happy, the right will continue to dominate the country's political landscape.