Friday, February 04, 2005

Social Security cowards

Obviously Olympia Snowe was going to be against this, and I anticipated the media drumming up as much GOP opposition as they possibly could, but why are congressmen playing into their hands so readily? Obvisouly any little sound bite they give about their concerns or doubts are going to be like gas on a flame to leftists, so why do it?

It is also telling to see how they are talking about reform and personal accounts. It's not, this would be bad for the country, or this is a terrible it's "this is "politically speaking...not doable."

Screw politics Mr. Domenici, do what is RIGHT. A personal account would help millions of families around the country build lasting, meaningful, and transferrable wealth. That's what this is about, helping all of American's built a financial foundation.

Republicans Question Social Security Plan

Congressional Republicans are expressing doubt that President Bush (news
- web
)'s plan for personal accounts in Social Security (news
- web
) can win approval, saying lawmakers fear the political consequences of
voting major change to the popular retirement program...Her Maine colleague,
Republican Sen. Olympia Snowe (news, bio, voting
), has said outright that she opposes diverting the program's taxes to
pay for personal accounts. Snowe serves on the Senate Finance Committee that
would handle any Social Security legislation, making the task before Republicans
more daunting. ..."Politically speaking, right now it's probably not doable,"
Sen. Pete Domenici (news, bio, voting
), R-N.M., said Thursday, citing lack of Democratic support. (

This is so damn frustrating...