Tuesday, February 01, 2005

An editorial that isn't leftist? "Social security is a SCAM"

I know, it's probably a small specialty paper, but heck it still has an intelligent editorial board.

Social Security is a scam...Unlike the piddling or negative returns of the
payroll tax "investment," privately-owned retirement accounts would show the
remarkable effect of compounding over a lifetime of work, even with conservative
rates of return.
And, unlike Social Security, any money left at death would
be a personal asset to pass on to one's heirs..A system that fosters dependence
on a government check is despicable. Worse, it sets up an expectation among
older Americans that they are entitled to a retirement subsidized by younger
workers. How dare any adult demand a living from another? [I love that
...Denying our young people the best opportunity to amass a personal nest
egg and in so doing establish personal financial security is beneath
contempt. But that's what Social Security does. [Fantastic finish]

Short, concise, and to the point. Bravo Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, Bravo.