Thursday, February 03, 2005

Jeanine Garofalo on the weakest show ever

State of the Union, Late Night...What the hell is that? I guaranty that fool Ron Reagan loved the name of the show.

Any way, Jeanine came on about halfway through the show last night, and immediatley begins screaming. I was dumbfounded. I remember seeing her on TV a few years ago ranting and raving about the war (I was not aware that at the time she was auditioning for a job as a talk jock...good move though, the film career is really zooming) and I remember thinking she was just a nutty leftist. Well, since then she has become a "big star" on the struggling Air America Radio. I figured that since she is now paid to talk about politics she would have some intelligent and thoughtful things to say.

Instead she derided republican congressmen who raised their ink-stained fingers (homage to Iraqi voters) alluding their ink-finger salute was akin to the stiff armed Nazi salute. Very classy Jeanine, very classy indeed. Next she went on to scoff at the beautiful emotional display between the Norwoods and the Iraqi woman. After that she ranted and raved about lying, ranted and raved at Pat Buchanan. To top it off, Ron Reagan, her leftist compatriot asked her a question about the lefts plan for social security. She cut him off mid sentence and started shouting about how they do have a plan, and it's to do nothing.

At that point Ron basically tried to talk her down and tell her he was agreeing with her, but she kept shouting and raving until they either cut her off or she ran out of ideas. Cut to commercial.

All in all it was one pathetic performance by someone who is supposed to be a professional commentator. I cant imagine what her show must be. She had no idea about social security, had no real idea about anything. No wonder it's been a few years since I've seen her on TV.

People like Jeanine Garofalo and Howard Dean are going to ensure a long reign at the top for the GOP.

(If anyone knows where to find a transcript of the Garofalo appearance let me know, I am looking).