Friday, February 04, 2005

Resuming the Badger kick: Heatley gets sweet deal

I have been following this case with some interest, because usually I think it's absurd what happens when celebrities screw up. In this case, I was a little worried that Dany would get the book thrown at him because he was a celebrity.

The MVP of the 2003 NHL All-Star Game, Heatley was driving his Ferrari
convertible on a curved road in a residential area when it ran into a brick
pillar and iron fence. Authorities said Heatley had consumed some alcohol but
was not intoxicated. Snyder, a passenger, died after several days in a
coma..."As a parent, it's hard to explain how you feel about losing your son. My
pride in Dan was immeasurable," Graham Snyder said. "We will all miss him. So
how do we move on from here? Forgiveness in our hearts has helped us move on. We
forgive because Dany has shown remorse to his family."

I know it seems petty, but damn it, not one mention of Badger hockey.