Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Simply wonderful

First, let me say, I had a fantastic post written and ready to post when poof...and it was gone.

Overall the speech was great, he brought everyone along on the social security reform, and while privatized will be a difficult sale to any democrats, I had a feeling that Republicans are lock step with the president. The rest of what he said (other than immigration reform) I thought was good as well. (I know, I know, short and sweet...I'll read the transcript and get more up tomorrow on the nitty gritty). He made a very compelling case for reforming social security, without pounding on the personal account issue. I thought he handled that very deftly.

I want to make special note of the wonderful moment for all of America, the hug and ovation for the Norwoods. Is there a better symbol of "what it's all about" than a newly freed Iraqi woman embracing the parents of a man who sacrificed his life for her? It was a beautiful moment that will literally be remembered forever. It is an indelible image that touched my heart and sent chills down my spine. I cannot imagine how many men and women were brought to their feet and moved to tears by this display.

Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Norwood, and thank you to every American family who has made and will make the ultimate sacrifice. (special note: please go to

Bravo Mr. President, Bravo.